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Senbonzakura / Kurousa-P (arr. Yuto Yamada) [Saxophone Quintet / Quartet] [Score and Parts]

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Arranger:Yuto Yamada


Publisher:YMD music

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From the publisher:
This is a saxophone quintet version of "Senbonzakura feat. Hatsune Miku" written, composed, and arranged by Kurousa P in 2011. It uses the voice synthesis software Hatsune Miku, and is a popular VOCALOID song.
This version is arranged with the speed of the original song in mind. The rhythm and accent of the accompaniment and bass should be followed exactly as written, and the melody should be played with a sense of phrasing.
The 2nd Alto Saxophone can be omitted, and the piece can be played by a quartet.

Soprano Saxophone
1st Alto Saxophone
2nd Alto Saxophone (opt.)
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone