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The World of Shion Sahara

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The World of Shion Sahara

Today we would like to introduce Ms. Shion Sahara, a composer whose koto work is published by Golden Hearts Publications.

Ms. Shion Sahara was born in Osaka in 1981 and grew up in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

After graduating from Kwansei Gakuin University with a degree in social welfare, she worked for a trading company and the Disaster Reconstruction System Research Institute before re-entering the composition department of the Tokyo University of the Arts at the age of 27.

Studied composition under Shin Ishihara, Takashi Sawauchi, Masakazu Natsuda, Akio Yasuraoka, Norio Fukushi, and Junmei Suzuki. Studied piano under Chifumi Taniai.

Since 2014, she has organized a concert series called "Exhibition of New Works by Composers of Snow Country" up to vol. 4. 2018, she has held an annual composition solo exhibition.

In October 2018, her solo works "Wings of a Jade Bug, Its Knot" and "The Snow" for vibraphone and strings were premiered in France and Lithuania, performed by Mizuki Aita.

She also worked on narrative works until 2020, including the music picture book "Yobiboen no Natsu" (illustrated by Megumi Kimura, composed by Mizuki Aita, written by Shion Sahara).

In addition, she has received commissions for other chamber music works, which have been performed in a variety of venues.

She also teaches piano and solfege classes incorporating contemporary music and improvisation, and composition theory to younger students, as well as writing music scores and music analysis.

On cello, she is a member of the string ensemble Ensemble Fran.

She currently has only one work available on Golden Hearts Publications, but if you play the koto, please play it, or if you have a koto-playing friend, please share it.

Click below to see her work, which is also available for purchase as a PDF.

Sougaku for Koto / Shion Sahara [Koto Solo]