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The World of Mizuki Aita

Posted by 梅本周平 on

Mizuki Aita

Today we would like to introduce Mizuki Aita, a composer whose new works were recently released by Golden Hearts Publications.

Mizuki Aita is well known as a percussionist. His performances are of a fairly high level, and he has even been featured in a classical music program on NHK, a Japanese TV station.

He has released several CDs, all of which have received high acclaim in Japan.

He is also active in international exchange through his performances. He is a percussionist with a bright future ahead of him in Japan.

At the same time, he is also a composer.

As an accomplished performer, he has been exposed to many excellent works, all of which he has absorbed and has emerged as a composer as well.

While some of his works require a high level of skill to perform, others can be performed by students.

When selecting works to be published by Golden Hearts Publications, we place great importance on the question, "Will this work be accepted not only in Japan but throughout the world?"

His works are definitely at a level that can be accepted worldwide.

Many of his works are also available in PDF format, so if you want to see the scores right away, we recommend you to purchase the PDF format.

His works can be purchased at the link below.