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The Italian Connection at Golden Hearts Publications

Posted by 梅本周平 on

The Italian Connection at Golden Hearts Publications

Golden Hearts Publications is a Japanese publishing company. To be precise, it is not a company, but my own private business (the trade name is ONSA). I have several businesses related to concert band and classical music, and the brand name of my sheet music publishing business is Golden Hearts Publications.

Golden Hearts Publications initially sold works of self-published overseas composers in Japan, but after I signed contracts with Japanese composers, I started the Golden Hearts Publications Global Store to promote their works to the world.

One day, an Italian contacted the store. His name was Vito.

Golden Hearts Publications had already signed non-Japanese composers, but I found his arrangements interesting, so I decided to sign him. He was the first Italian for Golden Hearts Publications.

After that, I was contacted by several of his friends, business associates, and connections, including Tommaso Miranda, Michele Calamela, and Picarband (CARLO PIROLA), and I signed them.

Ippolito Parrinello may have also been their acquaintance.

I do not know the details of this Italian connection. I don't know how close they are to each other. I just publishing my preferred works.

I have not heard from the Italians for a while, but as I told you recently, I have signed a contract with Cosimo Bombardieri.

This has not happened with composers and arrangers from other countries. One after another, other Italians are knocking on the door that Vito knocked on.

Golden Hearts Publications is still a small business. This is not a big success yet. But I think they saw the potential in my little business far away from home.

Golden Hearts Publications is open to composers and arrangers from all countries. If you are interested in having your work published by Golden Hearts Publications, please feel free to contact me.

Check out the many Italian Connection works from Golden Hearts Publications at the link below, and I would love to have them performed in your country as well.

Vito La Paglia

Tommaso Miranda

Michele Calamela

Picarband (CARLO PIROLA)

Ippolito Parrinello

Cosimo Bombardieri