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One piece a week - A little of your time, please! : Takio Ito, arr. Louis Kihara "Takio's Sohran" (wind band)

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We will be introducing one Golden Hearts Publications piece per week for a while.

Please give me a few moments of your time!

Here's this week's piece.

Takio's Sohran / Takio Ito, arr. Louis Kihara [Concert Band]

*Score samples can be viewed from the product page.


Program notes:

Although the original song is a famous Hokkaido folk song "Soran-Bushi", since it is arranged by Dance Beat, it would be better to keep the rhythm, except melody played in Solo. Basically, accompaniments comply with the popular idiom, the note value is long, until the release clearly. Please play staccato without lightening. It is not bad there are some singing inclusions in obligato, but please be careful not to overdo it behind the tempo by phrases with slurs etc. Also, always be careful with articulation and dynamics, especially make sure to drop below mp. If it seems that there are a lot of players, try devising such as making a part of One Play. "Voice" is dashing anyway. If there are plenty of people in the band, there will be a choreography as well. Although you can play without Japanese drums and Tighten drum, if you can arrange it, it will be lively and atmosphere and power will come out. However, please always be careful so that you can make a difference in expression even in that case. In the piece that can produce such excitement, sometimes the performance tends to be sloppy. Being not only big loud sound, but first, keep the rhythm and tempo accurately. Please try to be able to make a pleasant groove even if you or audiences are listening.
(by Louis Kihara)

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