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One piece a week - A little of your time, please! : Ryoko Oyama "LITTLE SUITE [Trumpet Trio]"

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We will be introducing one Golden Hearts Publications piece per week for a while.

Please give me a few moments of your time!

Here's this week's piece.

LITTLE SUITE / Ryoko Oyama [Trumpet Trio]


“A trumpet trio that is exciting to play and that makes the most of each person’s individuality and strengths!”
 In 2010, I composed this piece for the concert of the trumpet trio I was in.

 The trumpet has a limited range, and there are few existing ensemble pieces, and it is difficult to find an original trumpet trio that does not use a piano.

 "If this person blows such a phrase..."
 As I imagined the faces and tones of each of my friends, kindness, strength, lightness... it was as if the three of us were having a conversation.

 On May 22, 2022, when we performed again with new members at the "15th Kyushu Trumpet Festival" sponsored by the Trumpet Association, Mr. Hiroaki Hayasaka, the chairman of the Kansai Trumpet Association, who was a special guest, approached me, and I promised to give he the sheet music.

 Mr. Ken'ichi Masakado, a composer who gave me sincere and heartfelt advice on the revision,
 Mr. Kouichirou Oguni, who gave me many suggestions and quickly and sincerely completed the music engraving,
 Also, I would like to express my gratitude to Nayu Hamano and Asako Miwa for cherishing and enhancing this piece together.

 The melody, harmony, and accompaniment can be created with three people, so it's great for an ensemble in a brass band club with a small number of people, or for friends who get along well.
 "Trumpet is really fun!"
 I hope you can taste the feeling.
 Of course, performances on instruments other than trumpets are also welcome.

(Ryoko Oyama)

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