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One piece a week - A little of your time, please! : in Just- Prelude for Band (for Wind Band) / Ken'ichi Masakado

Posted by 梅本周平 on

We will be introducing one Golden Hearts Publications piece per week for a while.

Please give me a few moments of your time!

Here's this week's piece.

in Just- Prelude for Band / Ken'ichi Masakado

Program notes :

It was composed in May 2003 and premiered on November 28 of the same year at the "28th Regular Concert" of Omuta City Symphonic Band (Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan) .

Omuta city has concluded a sister city with Muskegon County and city in Michigan State, USA, and they seems to be deepening exchanges. Omuta City Symphonic Band holds concerts at Muskegon as a cultural exchange mission in 2000.

On the premiere that day, it was a joint concert with a high school jazz band from Muskegon. I received a request from the OCSB and the "Omuta-Muskegon Friendship Association" to declare that opening and compose that express friendship between both cities (premiere was done by the OCSB alone).

Especially it does not use materials that are related to both cities and it is not a depiction of something, but I am trying to reflect something like "spirit" of the two cities they have been interacting so far, and keep walking hand in hand for the future. Also, from the thought that this work becomes a "bridge" of exchange, I was making the structure of "arch" formula (almost on the theme) A-B-C-B-A. And in the title of the work is the meaning "from here - In Just - the new time begins".

(Ken'ichi Masakado)

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