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New Work! Ken'ichi Masakado's wind band work "KURODA-BUSHI" is now on sale!

Posted by 梅本周平 on

Today, Golden Hearts Publications has launched a new work, KURODA-BUSHI, a wind band piece by Ken'ichi Masakado!

Based on the folk song "Kuroda-bushi," this is an original jazz-style wind band piece bursting with swing. It can be placed in various positions in a concert program, such as opening, interlude, encore, etc. It is a piece that makes the heart sing, so it is good to play on stage at a marche, shopping mall, etc. There are many different "tasty" parts, but the drum set in particular stands out and should be tried by any band with a good drummer.

Program notes:

This is a jazz-style piece based on Fukuoka Prefecture's folk song "Kuroda-bushi".
The first draft was written in 2004, was mainly used as a performance piece for the "Color Guards" of the Kitakyushu City Fire Department Band (where I was working at the time).
The introduction and other parts were revised in 2006 while I was working for the Oita Prefectural Police Band, and orchestration, harmony, etc. were further reworked from 2023 to 2024.

1. Although I have (daringly) included detailed articulation symbols in some parts, please do not get caught up in the details, but rather value your own "Feeling".
2. If there is no designated instrument, other instruments may be substituted (except for the Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone solo in [H]).
3. For the percussion section, instruments not specified may be added.

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