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New Talent, Ryoko Oyama

Posted by 梅本周平 on

Today I'm pleased to introduce you to Ryoko Oyama, whose works have recently been published by Golden Hearts Publications.

short bio:

Graduated from the Music Department of Senzoku Gakuen University.
Performed and participated in the 54th West Japan Newcomers Concert (awarded the Fukuoka Music Culture Association Prize), the 48th Kumamoto Newcomers Concert, the 18th Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument Academy & Festival, and the 10th Hamamatsu Young Virtuoso Concert.

After working as a member of the Kitakyushu City Firefighting Band and as an instructor at a music store, she has been performing, teaching, and arranging music.
She has studied trumpet under Sachio Hotokezaka, Hiro Noguchi, Jouko Harjanne, and Giuliano Sommerhalder.

"Wings to the Future" won a prize at the Kitakyushu Municipal Gender Equality Center "Move" 10th anniversary project "Gender Equality to be Passed on to the Future" picture book and music story creation contest.

Composed "Four Winds" for trumpet quartet commissioned by a trumpet player of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Band. The piece was performed by students at the 11th Shobi Gakuen University Trumpet Ensemble Regular Concert.


She was introduced to me by Ken'ichi Masakado, a composer who, like her, is based in Kyushu. He contacted me saying, "There is a composer I would like to introduce to you."

The first piece I heard was a trumpet trio called "Little Suite," which made a very good impression on me, so I released her works, first "Little Suite" and then "Departure.

This month I have added two more works, arrangements for trumpet and piano.

Although she is still primarily a performer and not a full time composer, I think she is a very talented person and I encourage everyone to play her works.

You can check out her works at the link below.

Shuhei Umemoto
Golden Hearts Publications Global Store