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Featuring Ssu-Yu Huang

Posted by 梅本周平 on

Today I feature Taiwanese composer Ssu-Yu Huang, whose new work I recently launched.

I have known her for a long time, since I started Golden Hearts Publications.

A brief bio follows.

Ssu-Yu Huang, a native of Taiwan, enjoys an active career in contemporary music. Her compositions cover a wide range of music with bold and delicate genre. Her music has been performed by professional musicians and orchestras around the world to critical acclaim. German conductor maestro Gunther Herbig praised her orchestral work of "a modern and complex style, presenting her own characters and creativity." She has received awards including the winner of the first Call For Score of the National Symphony Orchestra of Taiwan in 2010, the winner of Akademia Music Award in 2023, the most distinguished award of the the 2013 IBLA Grand Prize, the finalist of the Women Powered Music in the 2019 Artemis Film Festival, 2015 and 2016 American Prize (semi-finalist), the 2016 Ernst Bacon Award (semi-finalist), the 2016 Maurice Ravel International Composition Competition (semi-finalist). In 2018, her orchestra piece "Heritage of Hakka" was selected and premiered at the grand opening ceremony of the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, Weiwuying. Her compositions have been published globally through companies such as Mahin Media (USA), Mark Custom Recording (USA), PARMA Recordings (USA), Ablaze (Australia), and Phasma-Music (Poland). Her music scores have been published by Golden Hearts Publications (Japan) and Universal Edition (Vienna). In recent years, Huang's works have been increasingly performed throughout the European, Asian, and American continents. She is currently the resident composer of Hotshot Cello Choir.

(From her website)

Golden Hearts Publications sells print editions of her self-published works on her behalf. Initially, we sold wind orchestra, wind, brass, and percussion works, but recently we has been selling a variety of guitar, piano, and string works.

The appeal of her works still lies in their blend of contemporary and folk sounds. (At least I think so)

Her works are summarized in the following pages. You can listen to the reference sound sources and see the scores on the product pages. Please check them out!

(Shuhei Umemoto, Golden Hearts Publications)