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Celtic Spirits / Tomoyuki Hirota [Oboe] [CD]

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Title:Celtic Spirits

Player:Tomoyuki Hirota, Oboe
Yasuji Ohagi, Guitar

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2019

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Comments from the label:

The oboeist Tomoyuki Hirota and the guitarist Yasuji Ohagi, who are active in a wide range of activities, are energetic. Two representatives of Japan have been planning for many years, and a gorgeous duo album has been realized here.
This album is titled “Celtic Spirits” and focuses on Celtic music.
Hirota's excellence in technique and musicality creates a mellow and shiny oboe tone that blends with the comfort of the sound of Ohagi's delicacy and passion.

Song List:

1. The Earl of Essex his Galliard:John Dowland

2. Lachrimae Pavan:John Dowland

3. The King of Denmark's Galliard:John Dowland

4. Scarborough Fair:British Air [arrange: Ryuta Tsunoda]

5. Londonderry Air:Irish Air [arrange: Ryuta Tsunoda]

6. My Lodging is on the cold ground:Irish Air

7. Last rose of summer:Irish Air [arrange: Ryuta Tsunoda]

8. Coming Through The Rye:Scotland Air

9. Greensleeves:English Air [arrange: Ryuta Tsunoda]

10. Annie Laurie:Alicia Scott [arrange: Ryuta Tsunoda]

11. Bruach na Carraige Baine:Irish Air

12. Spatter the Dew:Irish Air [arrange: David Russell]

13. Celtic Spirits for Oboe and Guitar:Masanori Kato

14. The Water is Wide:Scotland Air [arrange: Ryuta Tsunoda]