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Prelude / Shoichiro Hokazono [Euphonium] and Tomohiro Nishikubo [Marimba and Percussion] [CD]

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Shoichiro Hokazono, Euphonium
Tomohiro Nishikubo, Marimba and Percussion

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2019

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Comments from the label:
A unique duo by Japan's leading euphonium player Shoichiro Hokazono and percussionist Tomohiro Nishikubo, who has been active since 2015.
The latest album by Criston Label will be released by two people who are approaching from various viewpoints by pursuing the possibilities of musical instruments such as solo and ensemble with other musical instruments.
The recorded songs are centered on euphonium and marimba, and not only the works they commissioned, but also the masterpieces that transcend genres. With that possibility, they will open up a new era.
A unique duo is a big hit.

Review from Golden Hearts Publications (by Shuhei Umemoto):
A duo of Shoichiro Hokazono, a euphonium player who plays an active part in the world, and Tomohiro Nishikubo, one of Japan's leading percussion players. The formation is 2015. Arrangements of familiar works such as Piazzolla and Londonderry are recorded around the works written for euphonium and marimba, or percussion.  Looking at the names of the composers of the songs, I thought, “Is there a so-called contemporary musical element?”, But it is a very romantic album whether it is surprising or unexpected when you listen to it. It may be because the sounds of Hokazono and Nishikubo have a gentle, warm and kindness. The sound of their originals may be the same, but the skill of the staff who finished in that way is also wonderful, Octavia, I Love Octavia records. It's Nishikubo's marimba in particular. Charity. There is only charity. Maria, oh Maria. Hokazono playing the sound of salvation while being held in the arms of Maria. It's like that. I'm sorry that I don't have vocabulary, but it's amazing, it's like a bathing agent that warms up from the core of the body, there is a feeling that the soul burns and the heart is trapped, It's hot and heat. It's not that kind of violent or intense. Love overflows. Overflowing love. Listen to this CD and warm up when your heart is tired, when your heart is cold, when you are cold. Let's light the heart. See you tomorrow. Many times we can stand up. I thought of that while listening to the last song "Hana". it's the best.

Song List:

1. Prelude for Euphonium & Marimba : Kosuke Yamashita [6:16]

2. Histire du Tango : Cafe 1930 : Astor Piazzolla [6:53]

"Pentagramme" Piece for Euphonium and Marimba Basse : Gabriel Philippot
3. 1 Prelude [2:18]
4. 2 Nocturne [3:23]
5. 3 Valse [3:21]
6. 4 Cantilene [4:13]
7. 5 Finale, Tarantelle [2:06]

8. Ratata! : Fernando Deddos [2:33]

9. Londonderry Air : Irish Folk Songs (arr. Kazunori Maruyama) [4:45]

10. Dance with Alien? : Sunao Isaji [5:10]

"Sangatan" Three movements for Euphonium and Marimba : Kaoru Wada
11. 1 山水図 [4:20]
12. 2 鳥獣戯画 [2:56]
13. 3 風神雷神 [3:33]

14. Hana : Shokichi Kina (arr. Shin Wada) [4:52]

Recording at Inagi Municipal i Plaza, Tokyo, 25-27 Jun. 2019