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Baritonism - Russian Cello Works / Makoto Hondo / [Baritone Saxophone] [CD]

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Title:Baritonism - Russian Cello Works

Baritone Saxophone: Makoto Hondo
Piano: Michiyo Haneishi

Label: Octavia Records

Release year:2018

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Song List:

Cello Sonata in G minor Op.19:Sergei Rachmaninov
1. Lento - Allegro moderato [13:10]
2. Allegro scherzando [6:42]
3. Andante [5:31]
4. Allegro mosso [9:58]

Cello Sonata in D minor Op.40:Dmitry Shostakovich
5. Allegro non troppo [11:12]
6. Allegro [3:05]
7. Largo [8:14]
8. Allegro [3:53]

2 Pieces Op.20:Aleksander Glazunov
9. アラビアのメロディ  Melodie arabe [6:18]
10. スペインのセレナード  Serenade espagnole [2:51]

Recording at Kanagawa Art Hall, Yokohama, 25-26 Jun. 2018