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Marimba Crystal - prayer - / Nanae Mimura / [Marimba] [CD]

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Title:Marimba Crystal - prayer -

Nanae Mimura : Marimba
Nobuo Furukawa : Cello

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2016

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Song List:

1. Prelude in C minor BWV999 : Johann Sebastian bach

2. Fugue in G minor BWV1000 : Johann Sebastian bach

3. Mariel for Viloncello and Marimba : Osvaldo Golijov

4. Toccata for Marimba : Anna Ignatowicz

5. Chaconne from Partita for Violin D minor BWV1004 : Johann Sebastian bach (arr. Nanae Mimura)

6. The Koln Concert Part II c : Keith Jarett (arr. Manuel Barrueco & Nanae Mimura)

7-9. Fertility Rites : Christos Hatzis

10. Birdscape for Solo Marimba op.20 : Takashi Yoshimatsu

11. ニNimrod from Enigma Variations op.36 : Edward Elgar (arr. Nanae Mimura)

Recording at Lake Sagami-ko Exchange Center, Kanagawa, 24-26 May. 2016


Label/Publisher Recommendations

Nanae Mimura is one of the Japanese leading Marimba players. Her latest album has been released by Octavia Records.
On this album, works which are concentrated by “Pray”, “Sympathy”, “Appreciation”, and “Love”, which are universal emotions of human beings. She also expresses the emotions by her performance very well.
Other works such as “Birdscape for Solo Marimba” by Takashi Yoshimatsu which has never been performed nor recorded, “The Koln Concert Part II c” by Keith Jarett, “Chaconne” by J. S. Bach are also remarkable for her talented technique.