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Around the EU4NIUM / Shoichiro Hokazono [Euphonium] [CD]

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Title:Around the EU4NIUM

Conductor:Toru Miura

Player: Shoichiro Hokazono, Euphonium
Ayano Iwakuro, Euphonium
Satoshi Oyama, Euphonium
Kana Kotera, Euphonium
Ayumi Saito, Euphonium
Mitsuru Saito, Euphonium
Keiko Shoji, Euphonium
Kaoru Tsuyuki, Euphonium
Kazuko Haraguchi, Euphonium
JunYamaoka, Euphonium

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2016

Delivery date:Received in our store in about 3-5 business days

Song List:

1. Sabre Dance from the ballet “Gayane” : Aram Ilyich Khachaturian(arr. Norio Maeda)

2-7. Six Arias from “The Barber of Seville” : Gioacchino Rossini(arr. Francois Gebauer / ed. Shoichiro Hokazono、Kaoru Tsuyuki)

8. Exhibitions,opus 98 : David Uber

9-13. Croisiere de Vin Mediterranee : Masamicz Amano

14-17. Euphoniums Parfait Suite for 4 Euphoniums : Yasuhide Ito

18. Tchaikovskiana for Euphonium quartet : Yasuhide Ito

19. Passacaglia in C minor BWV582 : Johan Sebastian Bach(arr. Donald Hunsberger)