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Trilogy / Mayumi Shimizu, Branimir Slokar / [Trombone] [CD]

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Trombone : Mayumi Shimizu
Branimir Slokar
Piano : Francois Killian

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2016

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Song List:

Trilogy:Jean Francois Michel
1. I. Largo - Allegro moderato
2. II. Largo - Pochissimo andante
3. III. Allegro

4. Choral, cadence et fugato:Henri Dutilleux

5. Trombone Sonata, "Vox Gabrieli":Stjepan Sulek

Lieder ohne Worte (Songs without Words):Felix Mendelssohn (arr. Francois Killian)
6. 浮雲 作品53-2  Op. 53, No. 2, MWV U109
7. 不安 作品19-5  Op. 19b, No. 5, MWV U90
8. 春の歌 作品62-6  Op. 62, No. 6, MWV U161, "Fruhlingslied"
9. 狩人の歌 作品19-3  Op. 19b, No. 3, MWV U89, "Jagerlied"

10. Romance:Carl Maria von Weber

11. Aria et polonaise, Op. 128:Joseph Jongen

12. Nocturne in D Major:Georges Bizet

13. Carmen Fantasy:John Glenesk Mortimer