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Hindemith Sonatas & Concerto / Radek Baborak / [Horn] [CD]

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Title:Hindemith Sonatas & Concerto

Player: Radek Baborak : Horn
Yoko Kikuchi : Piano

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2016

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Song List:

Horn Sonata in F Major : Paul Hindemith
1. I. Massig bewegt
2. II. Ruhig bewegt
3. III. Lebhaft

Alto Horn Sonata : Paul Hindemith
4. I. Ruhig bewegt
5. II. Lebhaft
6. III. Sehr langsam
7. IV. Lebhaft

Horn Concerto : Paul Hindemith
8. I. Moderately fast
9. II. Very fast
10. III. Very slow

11. 12 Monodies, Op. 213: No. 12. Nocturne : Charles Koechlin

12. Piece for Solo Horn, Op. 218bis : Charles Koechlin