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EXPO in ZIPANG / Trombone Quartet Zipang / [Trombone Quartet] [CD]

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Player: Trombone Quartet Zipang
 Takenori Yoshikawa
 Akira Kuwata
 Haruki Kishira
 Kachishi Kadowaki

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2010

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Song List:

Quartre a quatre:Jerome Naulais
1. I. Fox-trot
2. II. Ballade: Vlse jazzy
3. III. Blues
4. IV. Vif

Suite for 4 Trombones:Kazimierz Serocki
5. I. Intrada
6. II. Canone
7. III. Interludium
8. IV. Corale
9. V. Intermezzo
10. VI. Arietta
11. VII. Toccatina

12. Trombone Quartet:Leslie Bassett

13. Reflections:Philip Sparke

14. Canzoni et sonate: Sonata No. 20:Giovanni Gabrieli (arr. Keith Brown)

15. Sonatine No. 3 in G Minor:Gottfried Reiche

16. Double Fugue in C Minor:Johann Georg Albrechtsberger

4 Bagatelles:Joe Hisaishi
17. No. 1. Alla Marcia con anima
18. No. 2. Allegro Vivace
19. No. 3. Lento
20. No. 4. Allegro con brio