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The Miraculous Mandarin Suite / Kazuhiko Komatsu & Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band / [Wind Band] [CD]

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Title:"The Miraculous Mandarin" Suite

Conductor:Kazuhiko Komatsu

Player:Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2008

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Song List:

1. Festival Variations : Claude Thomas Smith

2. The Solitary Dancer : Warren Benson

3-5. 2nd Sinfonietta : Oliver Waespi

6-10. The Severn Suite : Edward Elgar(trans. Alfred Reed)

11. "The Miraculous Mandarin" Suite : Bela Bartok(arr. Kazuhiro Morita)

12. Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 : Edward Elgar (arr.Retford / revised by Alfred Reed)



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A latest album of live series by Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band, who is a leading Wind Orchestra in Japan. Because the works which are performed and recorded on this live series will be the new-comer works in Japanese Wind Orchestra, this album is also focused on by the people who loves Wind Orchestra in Japan. This time, many attractive works are recorded, again.
On the first half, the works composed by Claude Thomas Smith and Warren Benson are recorded. “Festival Variations” by C. T. Smith is called one of the masterpieces which were composed by the American composer in 20th century. “2nd Sinfonietta” by Oliver Waespi (from Switzerland) is firstly performed in Japan. This work is dedicated to Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band before publication, lately. Therefore, the first half is full-filled with the original works of contemporary Wind Orchestra.
On the second half, in contrast to the first half, “The Severn Suite” by Edward William Elgar is recorded. This work is the only piece which Elgar composed for British-style brass band. However, “The Severn Suite” was firstly performed by Wind Orchestra. At that time, Wind Orchestra Score was written by Henry Geehl, and he arranged on basis of Piano Score. This time, Alfred Reed arranged the work on basis of Wind Orchestra Score which is written by Henry Geehl, and Piano Score by Edward William Elgar. Nowadays arrangement by Alfred Reed is commonly performed.
"The Miraculous Mandarin" Suite by Bartok Bela Viktor Janos is also recorded. This work is often performed on the Wind Orchestra competition in Japan. This time, almost all of the suit was arranged for this concert. The last is Military March “Pump and Circumstances No.1” by Edward William Elgar to finish this live album brilliantly.