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Journey to ZIPANG / Trombone Quartet Zipang / [Trombone Quartet] [CD]

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Title:Journey to ZIPANG

Player:Trombone Quartet Zipang
 Takenori Yoshikawa
 Akira Kuwata
 Haruki Kishira
 Kachishi Kadowaki

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2008

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Song List:

1-3. Tokyo Triptych : Philip Sparke

4. Passepied for 4 Trombones : Keiko Takashima

5-7. Three ancient capitals : Keiko Takashima

8-12. 5 Chapters for the Trombone Quartet "On the Night of the Centaur Festival" : Tomohiro Tatebe

13-18. Suite Shinshoku -HISASHI- : Joe Hisaishi(arr. Takenori Yoshikawa)


Label/Publisher Recommendations

A Japanese style album which is presented by “ZIPANG”, a Trombone Quartet.
“ZIPANG” is consisted by Trombone players who belong to Orchestras in Japan. They’ve already released five albums. Their performance is highly praised not only by wind instruments players but also other music fans, because “ZIPANG” offers various potentials and entertainments of Trombone ensemble. This year (2008) is 10 years anniversary of establishment, and they offer the new album on the theme “ZIPANG”, which is their identity.
On this album, Japanese style, and beautiful melodies and harmony are recorded, and that is nothing say “ZIPANG”.
This album contains the suits by Philip Sparke and Keiko Takashima, which is commissioned by “ZIPANG”, and Japanese places are named, passepied which is originally dedicated to Paris Trombone Quartet, who has been kept bringing various inspirations to ZIPANG, and the works by Tomohiro Tatebe. And, Music for Studio GHIBLI movies which is composed by Joe Hisaishi, who is one of the most popular composers. On their works, we can feel their gentle feelings on Japan and music.
“ZIPANG” express the congruent of Japan and Trombone. You can enjoy the attractiveness of Trombone by this album