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Twitter Birds Blog / The Flute Quartet / [Flute Quartet] [CD]

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Title:Twitter Birds Blog

Player:The Flute Quartet
 Masahiro Aizawa
 Hiroaki Kanda
 Kazushi Saito
 Isao Shibata

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2007

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Song List:

1-4. Quatuor de flutes, Op. 106 : Florent Schmitt
5-8. Quatuor pour flutes : Pierre Max Dubois
9. Elegy for 4 Flutes : Joseph Jongen
10-14. Twitter Birds Blog : Takashi Yoshimatsu
15-17. Sonatine : Maurice Ravel (arr. Hiroaki Kanda)
18. Jupiter Symphony : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (arr. Hiroaki Kanda)


Label/Publisher Recommendations

“The Flute Quartet” is consisted by Flute players of the best in Japan. 10 years were past after the establishment, now they are on a turning point.
Kazushi Saito (Mr.) who is a principal Flute player in Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, has newly joined the ensemble as a member. He always attracts the audience with his splendid and accurate technique. What will he add on “The Flute Quartet”, which has a lot of fans? Don’t miss it.
“Twitter Birds Blog” which is a title of this album, is originally composed by Takashi Yoshimatsu (Mr.), who is one of the leading composers of contemporary music in Japan. He composed this work ode to the 10 years of establishment of “The Flute Quartet”.
“As the title “Twitter Birds Blog” meaning, you can hear the twitters of birds in the virtual forest”. (Takashi Yoshimatsu)
This work is technically difficult to play, so you can recognize the sophistication of members.
Also, the works by Florent Schmitt and Pierre Max Dubois, which are often performed in ensemble contests, and by Hiroaki Kanda (Mr.), who is popular arranger.
You can call this album a compilation of their 10 years. They are still growing.