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Flashing Winds / Jan Van der Roost & Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band / [Wind Band] [CD]

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Title:Flashing Winds

Conductor:Jan Van der Roost

Player:Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2006

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Song List:

1. Algona Overture
2-5. Kebek - Rhapsodie Boreale
6-9. Rikudim - Four Israeli Folk Dances
10. Flashing Winds
11. Homage
12-14. Tanczi - Three Russian Dances
15. Castellum
16. Andante moderato from St. Martin's Suite
17. Artemis


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Jan Van der Roost is a charismatically popular composer and conductor in the field of Wind Orchestra. His works are quite attractive for their appealing melodies and full-filling sound.
This CD includes his earlier masterpieces and also newly composed works, and we can all this CD is the BEST of the present Jan Van der Roost.
For example, “Flashing Winds”, which is an opportunity of Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band meeting him, and “Tanczi”, which echoes “Puszta” ? this is one of main masterpieces of Jan Van der Roost. “Kebek” is the first-time performance in Japan, which starts with bird calls and expresses seasons of Canada.
The recorded concert on this CD is second-time concert of his works by himself with Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band. The enthusiastic and exited atmosphere of the audience is also recorded. Not only the people who are familiar with Wind Orchestra, but also other people will be attracted with this CD.
You can enjoy the “brilliant sound of Wind Orchestra” which Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band and Jan Van der Roost present.