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Klarinetten Wien & Berlin / Ernst Ottensamer & Venzel Fucks / [Clarinet] [CD]

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Title:Klarinetten Wien & Berlin

Ernst Ottensamer : Clarinet
Venzel Fucks : Clarinet
Momoko Adachi : Piano

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2006

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Song List:

2 Konzertstueckel, No.1 in F minor, Op.113 : Fellix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
1. I. Allegro di molto [2:29]
2. II. Andante [3:03]
3. III. Allegro molto [2:30]

2 Konzertstueckel, No.2 in D minor, Op.114 : Fellix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
4. I. Presto [1:49]
5. II. Andante [3:13]
6. III. Allegretto grazioso [3:26]

7. Rondo for 2 Clarinets and Piano : Bernhard Henrik Crusell [5:30]

Sonate pour 2 clarinettes : Francis Poulenc
8. I. Presto [1:42]
9. II. Andant: Tres lent [2:08]
10. III. Vif: Vite, avec joie [1:48]

Duo Concertant, Op.33 : Carl Baermann
11. I. Andante maestoso [2:19]
12. II. Tema: Molto moderato [1:27]
13. III. Variation 1 [1:02]
14. IV. Variation 2 [1:06]
15. V. Variation 3 [1:03]
16. VI. Maggiore [1:16]
17. VII. Variation 4 [1:15]
18. VIII. Rondo [5:28]


Label/Publisher Recommendations

Ernst Ottensamer is a principal Clarinet player of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Venzel Fucks is a principal Clarinet player of Berliner Philharmonic Orchestra. Their performance together is recorded.
On Germany style, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and Berliner Philharmonic Orchestra are top Orchestras in the world. They are the principal Clarinet players in those orchestras, and with their distinguished musical sense and technique, they are the top players without doubt. Their performances as a soloist are highly prized, and it shows that they are obviously top artists.
Their performances of works for 2 clarinets are quite soft, and excellent, with Germany style instruments. Their performances are popular in Japan, too. You can enjoy their excellent sound and ensemble on this CD.