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Gilgamesh / Michiyoshi Inoue & Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band / [Wind Band] [CD]

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Title:Appermont : Gilgamesh

Conductor:Michiyoshi Inoue

Player:Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2006

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Song List:

1. With Heart and Voice : David Gillingham
2-5. Sketch of Japan, Symphonic Suite : Koichi Kishi (arr. Kazuhiro Morita)
6. Theme and Variations, Op.43a : Arnold Schoenberg
7-10. Symphony No.1 "Gilgamesh" : Bert Appermont


Label/Publisher Recommendations

The latest edition of Live series by “Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band”. Their CDs are getting more and more attractive, every time of release.
On this CD, conductor is Michiyoshi Inoue (Mr.), who leads the sound of band more state and brilliant.
On Symphony No.1 "Gilgamesh" by Bert Appermont, magnificent and dramatic lyrical symphony is well performed.
Also, election of works and performance derive the excellence of “Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band”. For instance, “Sketch of Japan, Symphonic Suite” (a composer conducted by himself with Berlin Philharmonic) is a good example.
We cannot stop watching the actions and events of “Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band”, who runs the most advanced stage of Wind Orchestra.