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The Odyssey / Kazuyoshi Akiyama & Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band / [Wind Band] [CD]

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Title:The Odyssey

Conductor:Kazuyoshi Akiyama

Player:Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2004

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Song List:

1. Danza Sinfonica : James Barnes

2. Sleep : Eric Whitecre

3. Wind Blitz : Derek Bourgeois

The Four Noble Truths : Philip Sparke
4. Dukkha
5. Samudaya
6. Nirodha
7. Magga

Symphony No.2 The Odyssey : Robert W.Smith
8. The Iliad
9. The Winds of Poseidon
10. The Isle of Calypso
11. Ithaca


Label/Publisher Recommendations

Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band is one of the leading Wind Orchestra in Japan. From CRYSTON Label, Live series are Released.
All works on this album are original pieces for Wind Orchestra, such as “Danza Sinfonica” by James Barnes (the first performance in Japan), and “The Four Noble Truths” by Philip Sparke (the world premier).
Symphonic and warm sound is a feature of Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band. Also with dynamic sound, the live was quite exiting.
Please enjoy the new brightness of Wind Orchestra by CRYSTON Label.