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Studio Ghibli Selections for Euphonium Solo [Euphonium Solo with Accompaniment] [Book+CD]

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23 songs from 13 Ghibli cinemas arranged for solo euphonium.
来自13部吉卜力工作室?影作品的23首歌曲的小低音号独奏??,附?拉OK伴奏。1. Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind - Opening Theme; 2. The Girl Who Fell From the Sky; 3. My Neighbor Totoro; 4. Hey Let's Go; 5. Cat Bus; 6. The Path of the Win; 7. A Town with an Ocean View; 8. Yasashisani Tsutsumaretanara; 9. On a Clear Day; 10. Message of Rouge; 11. Le Temps des cerises; 12. The Theme of Marco and Gina; 13. Princess Mononoke; 14. The Legend of Ashitaka; 15. Ashitaka and San; 16. Reprise; 17. Always with Me; 18. Merry-Go-Round of Life; 19. Therru's Song; 20. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea; 21. Summer of Farewells - From Up on Poppy Hill; 22. Hikoukigumo(Vapor Trail); 23. Fine on the Outside
1.「?之谷」(片?曲); 2. 从天而降的少女(伴随着?); 3. ?家的?猫; 4. 散?; 5. 猫巴士; 6. ?之甬道; 7. 看得?海的街道; 8. 若被温柔包?; 9. 晴朗的那一日・・・; 10. 口?的?言; 11. ?桃成熟?; 12. ?可和吉娜的主?音?; 13. 幽?公主; 14. 阿席???奇; 15. 阿席??与珊; 16. 永?常在; 17. 再度; 18. 人生的旋?木?; 19. 瑟?之歌; 20. ?崖上的金??; 21. ??之夏〜虞美人盛?的山坡〜; 22. ?机云; 23. Fine on the Outside