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J. B. Club Collection Vol.5 [Concert Band] [Score+Parts]

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Suitable for both primary school brass band and wind band. Composed and Arranged by Yo Goto, Toru Minakuchi, and Keisuke Asami. Model performances and parts(PDF) are included in attached CD-ROM.
?合小学管??演奏。作曲/?曲: 后藤洋、水口透、阿佐美圭祐。所附CD中包含示范演奏及分?PDF文件。1. Yuyake Koyake(Sunset small burnt)(Grade : 2.5) can be performed with/without chorus; 2. Folkdance Party(Grade : 2) Five folk dances worldwide; 3. Star Tours(Grade 3) Original tune imaged space trip
1. ?霞?淡(Grade : 2.5) 有无和声皆可; 2. Folkdance Party(Grade : 2) 5支世界流行的民?舞蹈; 3. 星?之旅(Grade 3)