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Hana wa Saku - 20 Japanese Nostalgic Songs for Oboe [Oboe Solo with Accompaniment] [Solo Part+CD+Piano Accompaniment]

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20 songs arranged for solo oboe and piano. Oboe part with a book for piano accompaniment and Karaoke CD.
20首双簧管独奏曲,?琴伴奏。含双簧管?及?琴伴奏?&伴奏CD。1. Soshunfu(Ode to Early Spring); 2. Oborozukiyo(A Night with a Hazy Moon); 3. Furusato(My Old Town); 4. Haru yo Koi(Come spring!); 5. Hana wa Saku(Flowers Will Bloom); 6. Hamabe no Uta(A Song at the Seaside); 7. Shonen Jidai(Boyhood); 8. Natsu no Omoide(A Memory from Summer); 9. Shabondama(Soap Bubbles); 10. Machibo-oke(Waiting in Vain); 11. Satoukibi Batake(In a Large Field of Sugarcane); 12. Chiisai Aki Mitsuketa(I've Found a Little Autumn); 13. Yuyake Koyake; 14. Kojo no Tsuki(Moon over the Ruined Castle); 15. Kawa no nagare no Yo ni(As a River's Running); 16. Sen no Kaze ni natte(A Thousand Winds); 17. Miagete goran Yoru no Hoshi wo(Look up at the Night sky); 18. Nagori Yuki(Snowfall at the end of the Winter); 19. Kita no Kunikara(From Northern Country); 20. Nada SouSou(Down Come My Tears)
1. 早春?; 2. 朦?月夜; 3. 故?; 4. 春天,来?; 5. 花正在?; 6. 海?之歌; 7. 少年?代; 8. 夏日回?; 9. 肥�p泡; 10. ?洲唱歌; 11. 甘蔗田; 12. 找到了小小的秋天; 13. ?霞?淡; 14. 荒城之月; 15. 川流不息; 16. 化?千?; 17. 仰望星空; 18. 残雪; 19. 北国之恋; 20. 泪光??