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The Real Euphonium / Shoichiro Hokazono [Euphonium] [CD]

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Title:The Real Euphonium


Player: Shoichiro Hokazono, Euphonium
Ami Fujiwara, Piano

Label:Octavia Records

Release year:2016

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Song List:

1-3. Sonata fur Euphonium und Klavier : Yashuhide Ito

2. Amaranth : Kaori Nabeshima

3. Sakura : Jun Nagao

4-8. Otto Motti (Eight Mottoes) Five Pieces for Euphonium and Piano : Toshio Nakagawa

9-15. Metal Snail Suite Op.80 : Takashi Yoshimatsu

16. TOCcatA for Euphonium and Piano : Yoshio Nakahashi